Easy Mexican nacho salad


Ok, let’s start with a recipe. Sort of. There’s no cooking involved. It’s more assembling ingredients really. But it looks good, and makes you think you’ve achieved something pretty special. That’s my kind of meal.

This evolved on a summers day when we had just got back from holiday. 3 weeks of over eating and over drinking in Spain, and, very unlike me, I was craving a salad. I made the mistake of asking the boy what he fancied for dinner. Although he eats quite healthily, I think he’d rather enjoyed the 3 weeks of eating crap, and declared “nachos”  and so my Mexican nacho salad was born. It’s really not a healthy salad, but it’s got salad in the title and that makes me feel a bit better. Someone somewhere has already probably made this, but I bet they didn’t put it in a trifle bowl like I did, so I’m claiming it as my own.


Its mostly made of store cupboard or fridge ingredients that you’ve probably already got, and anything else can be easily purchased in the supermarket.


Lettuce – any kind, I used iceberg because that’s what I had

tomatoes – big ones, small ones, fancy ones on the vine, doesn’t matter, just chop them up and sling them in

red onion sliced


tomato salsa – jar, fresh, homemade, whatever

guacamole – same as salsa, doesn’t matter what kind

sour cream

grated cheese

bag of nachos

pack of Mexican microwave rice

jar of refried beans


Are you ready for this? Microwave the rice. Get all your other ingredients  and layer them up in a huge bowl. Like I said, I used a trifle bowl, but stick in in anything, doesn’t matter. Think a little bit about the order just so it looks pretty really and all your sauces don’t get mixed up and gross looking, but that’s it.

Add anything else you want, chopped avocado, cucumber, jalapeños, leftover chicken. It’s that simple. I told you, I don’t faff around with fancy pants cooking. I like quick, easy dinners that will keep my kids quiet, that’s my main dinner time aim, and this does the job perfectly. Enjoy!









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